Visa and work permit

Visa and work permit

As a general rule, anyone who is not a resident or citizen of Israel must carry a visa (entry visa to Israel) on their passport.
There is a wide range of visas that Israel gives to those coming at the gates of the state,
Our firm specializes in various types of work visas B1.

Type “expert” B1 visa (B1 EXPERT)

A visa that is accepted for temporary work in Israel for up to 63 months and cannot be extended beyond this period (except in exceptional cases)
What is an expert?
An expert can be any person with a special profession of his type. A rare profession in Israel or none at all.
For example: Tunnel engineer (light rail project) and etc.
An expert can be a person with a diploma or without a diploma
Please note that an expert without a diploma will, in most cases, be forced to deposit a bank guarantee of NIS 36,000 which will be refunded one year after the expert’s visa expires.
There are 3 periods of visa:
1. Up to 45 days – Approval process takes about 6 working days from the day of submitting all documents.
2. Up to 90 days – Approval process can take up to 90 days from the day of submitting all documents.
3. Up to one year – Approval process can take about 90 days from the day of submitting all documents.

B-2 business visa (B1 BUSSNIS VISA)

Israel allows businessmen from China to obtain a special visa that allows them to visit the country for up to 90 days for business visit.
The initial visa is made in China and can be extended for three months at a time up to a year (in total).
Our firm is engaged in extending business visas and knows how to convert the business visa into various work visas.

Business Entrepreneurial Visa:

Israel has over the years become a high-tech incubator, government policy encourages entrepreneurs from all over the world to come and develop technology in Israel while receiving grants and residence permits through a short and convenient process.

Our firm has a long and highly experienced in helping foreign companies bringing them to Israel for large projects such as the weight of the Israeli light rail project, the Dead Sea, the Gulf port of Haifa, Intel and the like.

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